swim lessons!

this morning was the kids' last morning of swim lessons for the summer.

this was like the only activity she would do voluntarily without crying first.

this is how this girl spent her time during swim lessons.

one more, because HELLO.

dueling wedgies.

how finn and i spent our time during swim lessons.

atticus will be moving on to the next level, and penelope will try again at this same level next time we enroll in lessons.  i like to think these certificates REALLY say 'certificate of showing up most of the time' and are made out to paige van voorst.  because, HELLO.

he looks like he's noodling on some deep truths.

she looks like she's whispering tiny prayers over her sucker.

this is how we roll every day, minus the paparazzi and plus i'm usually in workout pants.

swim lessons?  more like WIN lessons.