'what's up' weekly.

Well, my posting stats this week were only barely improved from last week, but whatever.  Let's just call it what it is: I am only reliable around here to a mediocre extent.  Ah, well.  C'est la vie, la vie.

Our week was full of good things, which might be my excuse for not showing up around here.  Last Friday, the kids and I headed out early to run a couple of errands.  First stop: Sally Beauty, because I needed me a round brush.  Also, a wet brush.  Also, a teasing brush.  Because, if you haven't gathered, I need to start brushing my hair more.  In fact, I need to "fill in the blank"ing my hair more in general, if I'm being honest.  I'll perhaps tell you sometime soon about how a passage in the Bible recently convinced me to get a hair cut and start actually, you know, trying.  So that is why I found myself at Sally, lugging all the kids with me and comparing the merits of ceramic-coated round brushes to the inferior merits of plastic ones.

Anyway.  Second stop: Natural Grocers, to pick up a free-range chicken, some fair trade coffee, and homeopathic allergy pellets... which would sound all kinds of pretentious if I didn't tell you that my third stop was Hardee's.  Which is hilariously right next door.

We grabbed some lunch and headed over to the grounds at Todd's office building for Picnic Lunch With Daddy.  I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone by spending a few school hours out there doing nature study and nature journaling as well, but it was dang. cold.  Which was only highlighted by the fact that the kids were drinking shakes.  Laurelai was literally turning purple.

BUT.  We still had fun hanging out with Todd, watching the fish, and exploring what all is blooming this early in the season.  The tulips have had their heyday, but many of the rose bushes were starting to bud.  I'm excited to start making this a more regular occurrence, so we can watch how the gardens change throughout the season. 

After we finished eating, walking, and shivering, we headed inside to see Todd's office and meet his coworkers for the first time.  Everyone was so friendly, and I have to admit the kids were a hit.

Other major news this week was that the carpet guy came to take a look at the basement, measure everything, and give me an estimate.  This whole story is really cool, so I'll have to fill you in with more detail soon, but I just have to say that God continues to prove himself more and more amazing in providing for us through this whole carpet replacement process. 

Yesterday, we all got chiropractic adjustments, which seems like no biggie, but I would like to assert is a major accomplishment.  Especially considering I slept late, and didn't even remember we had an appointment until 20 minutes before we were supposed to be there - kids were fed and dressed and out the door, with shoes on, and teeth and hair actually brushed, IN TIME FOR OUR APPOINTMENT.  We showed up on time, all like, "Ain't no thang."  HOW DID I DO IT? I submit it was by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Or the sheer stubbornness that comes with being big-late-pregnant.  I WILL bowling-ball my way through all obstacles.  Time will bend the rules for me and actually go slower so that I can make it to my appointment on time, because it's afraid of what I will do to it if it doesn't get out of my way.  I am very pregnant.  Hear me roar.  Or sob.  Or laugh maniacally.  Whatever the emotion of the moment is that I'm currently being swept away on.  Because that's "my truth" right now.


todd said...

I loved your guys visit to the gardens and can't wait for next time

Mollie Boersma said...

Wet Brush...CHANGED MY LIFE. For $8. Wow.

Lissa said...

I saw your last picture and was thinking "what is she talking about??" because I thought the grey sweater was the end of your bump, but then I noticed your black shirt. :D But you look beautiful!