'what's up' weekly.

Most of this week was (thankfully) easier than last week.  It was mainly spent playing catch up on the rest and work we missed out on while the kids were all super sick.

Friday, Finneas came down with another round of the barfs, so he spent his day cuddled up with The Bucket.  Laurelai and Rocco both spent the entire day sleeping and refusing food.  Friday night, I got a call from Urgent Care, saying that Laurelai's 24-hour strep test had come back positive, so she needed to start on antibiotics.

And then Saturday dawned.  Everyone woke up.  Everyone got out of bed.  No one barfed, no one was running a fever, and everyone started eating.  Mainly bananas and rice, because I wasn't risking anything on hot wings or something, but eating.  It was glorious.  Rocco smiled, and I realized it had been a week since I'd seen his little personality show up.  And (knock on wood) it's only gotten better from there.  We still stayed home from church on Sunday, since Laur had barely been on the antibiotic for the twenty-four hours necessary to render her noncontagious. 

I went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon because our fridge was looking mighty sad.  DANG.  I thought Saturday mornings were the worst time to grocery shop, but I was wrong.  It was like a freaking madhouse out there, and to top it all off, I had received a new debit card in the mail earlier in the week, but hadn't yet activated it... or even brought it with me.  So I finally got through the line at Aldi, figured out I didn't have my card on me, had to have them suspend my order, drove all the way back across town to pick up my card, drove all the way back to stand in line forever and then pay, then drove to a different side of town to hit up Walmart.  I was much grouchier than the minor annoyance of this all would warrant, and as a result, I even justified opening the box of granola bars I was purchasing at Walmart while I was still shopping.  I have never, ever eaten something I hadn't yet paid for... but apparently it was time to break the legacy.  I have no regrets.  (I did still pay for them, mind you.  The box was simply "halfway" [ahem, mostly] empty when they scanned it.)

Monday and Tuesday were mainly spent resting and catching up on school and normal life.  And resting some more.  And sleeping.  Because this pregnancy is knocking me on my butt.

Wednesday was full, as we went to the Amish, I met with a discipleship gal, AND I did the Facebook Live chat on chores/allowance/money management that evening.  (I typically never try to squeeze in more than two extracurriculars at the most on a given day.)

Yesterday, I got my hair cut.  For the first time since July.  IT NEEDED IT SO BAD.  It was a mess.  I'm hoping to start getting into a pattern of staying on top of taking care of it, but this will be a transition for me.  I even scheduled my next appointment in advance.  This is a milestone.

Other than that, I've been trying to spend some time reading - I'm in the middle of "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," which I get the itch to re-read almost every spring.  And then I get all Imma Homestead!  ...for like twenty seconds until I look up from the book and realize I'm barely keeping my houseplants alive at this juncture in my life.  So I'll just live vicariously through Barbara Kingsolver.

And I'm 29 weeks and feeling it.  I know I still have a long stretch to go, but I'm really feeling tired and sore and big.  This pregnancy thing isn't for the faint of heart.  Either that, or I'm just a huge wimp, which also may very well be the case.


todd said...

what a smoking hot 29 week preggo wife I gots

Lissa said...

We break into food at the store ALL the time. :) I have absolutely no problem with it since it's in our cart and we're clearly buying it and we're at the store, which signals to all onlookers that we need food, right?? :)

ohcitycity said...

Pregnancy is definitely NOT for the faint of heart and I am discovering this more and more each day! I'm a month behind you but still feeling HUGE and tired and in pain. I'm finding out that it's in my family genetics to balloon up during pregnancy and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. That has been so hard to accept but I remind myself that it is all for this amazingingly strong, kicking, punching, somersaulting little girl inside of me. And I have to be grateful no matter what because it took so long to get here. Thank you for your realness and inspiration! It honestly helps me keep trucking through this mysterious time.