happy birthday, rocco!

YOU. GUYS.  My baby is a year old today.  He is a year old.  I can't believe it.  I am shocked at how quickly the time goes.

He is brave and strong and funny.  He stands.  He takes steps.  He makes the most pathetic growling noise when he's fake-crying.  He is into EVERTHANG.  He is fast, he is smart, he is adored.

To recap for you, he was born while we were still in Cedar Falls.  He weighed a whopping NINE POUNDS, ELEVEN OUNCES.  He came out nursing well and sleeping well and just generally being the sweetest thing on God's green earth.

that is so. much. newborn.

Well, he's still the sweetest thing on God's green earth.  I am so, so grateful for him and his funny, adorable ears and his awesome dance moves.  I am so proud of everything he's already accomplished, and so excited to see what else God has in store for his life.

Happy birthday, Rocco!  We all love you so much, buddy!


todd said...

Happy Birthday rock rock!!! You are loved by everyone who knows you. Excited to wrassle and dance and cuddle and high five more and more with you!

the jersk. said...

happy birthday rocco!!