'what's up' weekly.

Saturday was a busy one for us:

1.  Breakfast.  This one is getting super enthused about food lately, which is good, because I think my milk is starting to dry up.  Good timing!

2.  Baths.  It's getting chilly in the mornings, so we needed some extra snuggle time to warm up.

3.  Finneas and I went grocery shopping, and Todd hung out with the rest of the kids at home.  How did Penelope spend her time?  Why, reading of course.

4.  On our grocery shopping trip, Finneas spent some of his remaining birthday money on a Lego set.  When we got home, the kids all worked on assembling it together.

5. After Rocco woke up from his morning nap, we headed out the door to check out some of the Homecoming hullabaloo going on around town.  Anytime we get ready to go anyplace, the kids all line up by the door (in birth order) and cry, in unison: "We're REA-DY!"  I am not making this stuff up.  

6.  When we got back, the little kids (and Todd) went down for naps, the big kids played outside, and I curled up on the couch and called my mom.

Sunday was pretty normal, except that it was my mom's birthday, so the kids and I FaceTimed her before bed.

Monday was Todd's birthday, so we painted pumpkins.  I'll share more on that next week.

Wednesday, the kids helped me make pumpkin bars, and we roasted pumpkin seeds as part of the ongoing birthday celebrations for Todd.  I hardly ever bake anymore, and I can never remember why.  I usually chalk it up to the fact that gluten-free baking is always such a doomsday prospect: you know it will turn out terrible, so why even attempt it?  But I remembered on Wednesday that it's primarily because I can never actually reach the counter or any of my supplies, nor can I move because someone is always holding onto my legs, so it's not really a matter of not wanting to bake.  It's more a matter of being physically unable to bake.  Trying to remain totally stationary, five feet away from the bowl and ingredients, can, um, hinder a person.  BUT our gluten-free pumpkin bars turned out amazing, so maybe the kids bring Good Baking Luck.  Or maybe the baking gods figured I earned it.

Thursday, a friend babysat for us so we could go out.  We went to dinner at this English Pub and then went to Walmart and bought some rakes and a discounted house plant.  We live large.

And that brings us to today!  A good friend from Cedar Falls, who will soon be leaving for two years in Vietnam, is coming to drink wine and spend the night.  I'm so excited!

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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todd said...

i love being a part of our family!