it's still technically summer for two more days, so...

I feel the need to remind the internet that it is not yet fall.  It is still ninety degrees every day with one million percent humidity.  It is still bug spray and lemonade season.  It is still SUMMAH.

So you can keep your cinnamon-scented candles and your hot, spicy lattes and your stupid burgundy tights.  You can keep your flannel shirts and your berry-toned lipsticks and your knit beanies.  We, friends, we will still be in our shorts and flipflops, drinking Cokes through straws, hitting up the pool and watching the butterflies.

And just to prove it, and to stick it to the man Pinterest, I would like to flaunt some pool photos.  Of the kids in the pool.  The swimming pool.  Because it's hot out.  Because it's summer.

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todd said...

It was a cool pool party