a photo post about photo posts.

*not to be awkward and insert a weird, unrelated bit at the beginning of this blog, but i just need to say thank you to all of you who reached out after yesterday's meltdown post.  it kind of made me feel like a dummy, because the last thing on earth i was aiming for was to panhandle for attention, and it also made me feel like a dummy, because duh:  look at all these friends who love me enough to read my blog every week.  if i'm feeling forgotten about, that's a lie i'm choosing to believe.  but really, more than anything, your kindness made me feel loved and reassured that i'm not forgotten, so thank you so much.

Okay.  Onward.

You guys, I got my photos back!  I got allllllll the photos back, plus access to my photo software!  My mom came to visit and worked her IT-computer-technology-newfangled magic and everything has been recovered.  Which means no foreseeable heart attacks for me, and lots and lots and LOTS of photo posts for you.  I can finally finish posting about our trip to South Dakota.  And I can tell you more about the time we spent at the pool, and about Rocco turning nine months old, and our afternoon spent at Devil's Icebox.  I can show you All The Photos of Laurelai's birthday.  I think I may even plan another 'day in the life' post soon.  I'm clearly frenzied by my renewed access to my camera card.

Anyway.  All the excitement kind of tuckered me out, so I'll save my first official photo post for tomorrow, but in the meantime, this gem will singlehandedly make you so happy I got access to the photos:

Like mother, like daughter.  And like daughter, like Beaker.

One big happy family.

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todd said...

your next tattoo!

"Like mother, like daughter. And like daughter, like Beaker."