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This week was pretty chill.  We all went to my hometown on Sunday so I could attend a bridal shower for my sister.  While we were there, Penelope pulled a full-on Looney Toons while trying to run out of the sliding door at my grandpa's.  She hit the closed screen door, ricocheted backwards, and landed on her butt.  Funniest moment of the week, and maybe my life.  I died.  I literally died laughing, and then had to come back from the dead to blog.  Fortunately, she was a good sport about the whole thing.

Rocco turned seven months old!  I seriously can't take it - he's growing too fast!  I wish time would slow down a little, for pete's sake.  However, he really is growing - he won't have another weight check for another couple of months, but he's a great eater and he's growing well.  He's not huge by any means, but he's not tiny and I'm feeling outrageously encouraged.  I'll post more about his development next week.

I finally got a replacement phone.  I'm feeling a lot relieved, and a little disoriented.  The whole time I was missing my phone, I kept wanting to text friends and then realizing I couldn't.  Now that I have a phone back, and have started gathering contact info for people, I'm paralyzed.  I'm weirdly discombobulated, and can't think of a single thing to text.  (PS- if I don't have your number yet, text me so I do!)

And other than those basic highlights, this week has mainly consisted of more and more and more unpacking, with a little decorating thrown in.  I feel like this is kind of a never-ending process, but when I go and look back at photos of the house even a week ago, I see that I'm making some progress, which helps.  Baby steps, Bob.  Eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Just do the next thing.  And all that mumbo jumbo.

And in closing, Rocco would like to send you into your weekend with All The Feels, so here he is, looking super cute, just for you.

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todd said...

our family for the win!!!