the black hills: day two.

We had pulled into Custer around 9:30 after the long road trip the first day, so the kids went right to bed.  They zonked out pretty immediately.

The next morning, they were up with the sun and ready to play cowboys with their cousin David.

They handed me a 'cowboy' gun.  I clearly have no idea how to cowboy.  And David clearly takes no prisoners.

Then Penelope found the hippie-est way to use a gun.  Make gardens, not war, amiright?

The kids learned to ride kid-sized ATVs around the driveway, while Todd rode a kid-sized...something.

Rocco steered clear of all the shenanigans and hung out in safety with Grandma Jacqi and Papa Tony.

Later in the afternoon, Todd and Tony put together a teepee for the kids to play in...

...and then all the kids jumped in the hot tub.  All the kids but Laurelai, that is.

I don't know what Finneas was doing here, but it was wonderful, whatever it was:

Then after dinner, the kids all cuddled up together on the couch and watched a movie with David.  

When Laurelai got sick of her Cozy Seat #1, she found Cozy Seat #2.

And that was how we spent our first day in Custer, hanging out at home and soaking in the sun!


todd said...

No bugs. No humidity. No prob!

Unknown said...

Atticus looks like a natural born cowboy by golly!