rocco's modern life: seven months.

Rocco is SEVEN MONTHS OLD.  He's basically an adult.  An adult that still doesn't eat solid foods so... like a hospital patient adult.  But an adult nonetheless.  It's the same.

This month has been FULL for him!  He is on the move now, and he's getting pretty fast.  He loves exploring the new house, but frequently after he finds his way to his room, he'll hang in there for twenty minutes or more - his closet door is a full-length mirror, and he's made friends with the baby buddy that stares back at him.

He's still eating like a champ, and growing like a champ, and I could not be more thrilled.  He usually goes down for bed around 7:00 or 7:30, and eats twice before he wakes up for the day around 8:00.  I've given him small tastes of food - apple, and guacamole, and soft-roasted carrots - but he's not super interested yet.  He's still outrageously barfy, so it will be interesting to see if that improves once he develops more interest and has something a bit more solid in his belly.

He's down to two naps a day, and is awake for about two hours at a time.  His eating routine is way more erratic than any of our previous kids, mostly because I've become a lot more flexible and I really don't care what time he eats.  (Look at me, growing up!)  He might eat multiple times during a single 'awake' stretch, which is weird to me, but whatever.  It seems to be working, since he's seriously the easiest, happiest, chillest baby to ever grace the face of the earth since the last Van Voorst baby.  (Thanks, Babywise!)

My milk supply seems to be holding strong, though there was about a one-week stretch where I was starting to get worried.  He would scream his head off at his bedtime feeding until I'd give him a bottle.  But that was short-lived and we're now back into a routine of nursing exclusively and everyone being happy with the arrangement.  If I were forced to guess, I'd say that some of my improved supply this time around can be attributed to drinking lots of water (2-3 quarts a day), using a hospital-grade pump and pumping at least once pretty much every day, and not allowing myself to go longer than five or six hours at the very most between feedings or pumping sessions - which means no sleeping through the night yet, but it's working for now.  It is getting a little wearying, and there are some days I kind of wonder if we'll make it to a year, like I've been hoping.  We'll just take it day by day.

And that's the news in Rocco's world!


the jersk. said...

ugh I love him so much. I just want to squish him and kiss his face and bear him laugh.

todd said...

So stinking cute!!!!