department of cutiepie ickles.

A friend of ours is a State Patrol officer, and on Friday he came to see the kids and show them his awesome gear.  I love that we know Christians within law enforcement who are working for justice, fighting for the oppressed, and keeping us safe.  I love that the kids are able to know people who are using their gifts to glorify God in many different capacities.

To say they were into it is an understatement.  In the photo below, you can see that all of them are looking and smiling at the camera, except for Finneas, whose eyes are locked on our friend's gun.  (Five similar photos were taken, and he never seems to break eye contact with that thing in any of them.)  Finneas dreams of one day getting to apprehend a true perpetrator.  JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL UNDER THE DILIGENT WATCH OF ONE FINNEAS VAN VOORST.

Laurelai was also pretty into it, though I'm pretty sure the bulletproof vest weighed more than she did.

You all can rest easy in your beds tonight, knowing that these kids will someday grow into your local law enforcers.  Here's to praying that, whatever they decide to do, they would do it with courage and honor.


todd said...

Psalm 106:30 Phinehas stood up!
While everyone else was either sitting down or participating in madness, Phinehas stood up. May it be so as well of our little zealous, passionate, committed little man Finneas!

todd said...

Also I bet Finneas could win a staring contest with a gun!!!