and the 'i didn't really expect you to make it, but you did!' award goes to...

...this rubber band, who has held his own for the last two and a half years.

He did not get brittle.  He did not stretch out too far.  He did not allow himself to become conspicuous.  He stayed strong, and finished the task set before him like a true champion.  He should go to the rubber band Olympics.  Or he should go straight into retirement, because he has more than earned it.

And while I'm handing out awards, I think I'd like to give myself the the "Thrift and Ingenuity" award for jerry-rigging this crazy contrivance instead of footing the bill for new curtain rod hardware.  I had faith in that lowly rubber band, and it paid off.  I feel like a talent scout who's able to see the untapped potential in some drunk girl at a karaoke bar.  And that's a good feeling, friends.  A good feeling.


todd said...

no pressure, no diamonds

todd said...

and I think I deserve the "I didn't really expect you to make it, but you did" award