bring on the blizzard.

In honor of today's projected snow storm, and to keep my mind off of the nagging anxiety that rises in my chest every time there is a possibility of the heat going out in the dead of winter, I thought I'd post photos of a milder snow day we had last month.

Penelope started the afternoon off on a victorious foot by being the first to nail someone in the face with a snowball.  She is clearly a very gracious winner.

But no harm, no foul.

And, true to form, she celebrated when she then nailed Todd in the face.

Atticus felt the need to take an impromptu rest/plank break.  You know; just cuz.

The kids spent time building the World's Tiniest Snowman (they're sitting down in this picture.)  Penelope named him SnowFellow.

When they got inside, I made them some hot chocolate to warm them up.  It turns out Finneas was the one who really went to town on his mug of cocoa.  Go figure.

So, I will be spending the day looking at these photos and reminding myself that there are, indeed, blessings that come with snow, and praying Todd makes it home safely from work tonight.  And promising myself that someday, someday, we will live in a place where, even if the power goes out, there is no possibility of dying of exposure.  So bring on the blizzard.


the jersk. said...

I happen to know of such a place...

todd said...

yes Jes, I also know Waco, TX and Fayetteville, AR

the jersk. said...

boo. who wants to live there? they have no mountains.

todd said...

Fayetteville has the Ozarks