An afternoon in the life.

Adding to yesterday's post, this is a pretty average afternoon, photographed last Monday.  

It's 12:30 and I'm getting ready to plate lunch.  Then someone starts crying.  Someone is always crying.  I kiss the owie and get back to working on lunch.  Lunch is always the same: peppers or carrots with hummus, cheese, fruit, almonds, salad, and sauerkraut.  And it is always served on paper plates so that I only have to run the dishwasher once per day.  

Though these faces look innocent, they are easily distracted from their lunches by silliness, fighting, and independent reading.  To keep them focused, I read out loud and they (theoretically) listen quietly.  Today we're reading out of The Wind in the Willows.

By 1:30, everyone is done eating.  The big kids are given their clipboards for the last time today, so they get to work on their after-lunch jobs, which are pretty basic: they clear their dishes and wash their hands, and Atticus puts on his eye patch.  They both return to the table to read another Psalm together, and then I take the little kids upstairs for nap.

As I'm coming down the stairs, Rocco wakes up and is ready to eat again, so I grab all our school books and we get ready to start our afternoon read-alouds while I feed him.  He is not thrilled at the thought of being made to wait while I get comfortable.

On today's schedule: Trial and Triumph (today's chapter is about St. Francis of Assisi), readings from Genesis and Matthew, poetry by James Whitcomb Riley, a chapter in Heidi, a bit in Pilgrim's Progress, and our memory work (this week we're working on putting 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to memory, and reviewing some of our past work).

While we read out loud, this is what Atticus the Architect does:

And this is what Penelope the Wiggler does:

At about 2:40, I feed Rocco again and lay him down for another nap, and the big kids are released from school to go play in the basement.  They decide they want to play Native Americans, so we find some feathers and barrette them into their hair.

And thus begins my chunk of alone time.  This is my lifeline.  I first check the Charlotte Mason group on Facebook, to see if there are any new tips or insights floating around to help me out with this crazy-town school I run. 

Then, I turn on an episode of Scrubs and listen to it while I edit some photos and work a little on the blog.

I check on the big kids in the basement and, well, this chaos is the cost of a little alone time.  I'm cool with it.  It's totally worth it.

And suddenly, it's 4:00, Todd is home early, and the afternoon is over.  It's time to go upstairs and get the kids up from nap.  


And that is how a typical afternoon at our house goes!


todd said...

homeschool is the new old school

mommakris38 said...

You are astonishing. I wish all moms were just like you. The world would be an amazing place full of awesome people. ❤️

Lissa said...

This is a silly question but how do you read and eat? I feel like we would be at the table for hours.