Merry Christmas Week, everyone!  We'll be laying low this week - I haven't scheduled any school, although the kids have a couple of math tests to take.  (And I don't feel guilty about making them finish them over break because they seriously take like five minutes to complete and involve coloring and playing with blocks.  So don't judge me.)

Here's what's up with us right now: the newborn phase is starting to get a little draining - don't get me wrong, Rocco is an absolute champion at night.  In that respect I've been really blessed.  Three- to four-hour stretches at night have been common from Day One, and it's not unheard of now for him to go anywhere between five and seven hours for his first stretch of the night.  He eats, burps, and goes right back to sleep after each nighttime feeding, and doesn't wake for the day until around 8:00 a.m.  See?  Rockstar.  As a result, I'm nowhere near that delirious/maniacal/jittery stage that's pretty typical for me at this point with a new baby.

That being said, I'm heading into that really, really foggy land of Mom Brain.  (Remember that time after Penelope was born when I couldn't remember the difference between my last name and my first name?)  The house is a wreck, chore charts are basically in retirement, and I think I only harped on Atticus to wear his eye patch like three days last week.  Rocco, while he sleeps so well at night, is becoming much less predictable and much higher maintenance during the day (plus he's been semi-sick for the last week and a half), which is frustrating at times and exhausting always. 

There are some 'wins' happening too, though.  I was supplied with so much meal support this time around (friends bringing meals the first week, my mom taking the four bigs the second week so Todd and I just got to order in, and tons and tons of freezer meals gifted to me by my wonderful parents and a couple of friends) that I still am not having to cook for us!  This has been such a huge help - and I'm starting to think I should do more freezer cooking for our regular lives.  It's so great being able to run down to the deep freeze while the kids are eating breakfast, grab something, let it thaw during the day, and pop it in the oven an hour before Todd comes home.  Everyone's fed and happy, it requires minimal effort, and I feel like Suzy Homemaker.  Could it be better than that?!  (No.  The answer is no.)

And in Postpartum Self news, I haven't started losing my hair yet, which is a win, but I also haven't started losing any weight either, which at this point is still neutral.  I'm not panicking yet.  I've been drinking tons of water and using a hospital grade breast pump to hopefully keep my milk supply up so I can nurse Rocco longer than I've been able to with the other kids.  I would love to breastfeed a kid to a year, but that's never happened before.  And with the pumping, if it still doesn't happen this time around, at least I'll have some milk saved up.  I already have over 200 ounces frozen!  LOOK AT ME GOOOOO!  (That looks like 'look at me goo.'  To clarify, that's not what it says.)

I've started some exercises recently to hopefully heal the small gap in my abs left from my pregnancy with Laurelai (and possibly from having Finneas, but I didn't know to check then, though I do know I had a definite pooch and like zero core strength, so it seems likely).  Luckily, even though Rocco was HUMONGOUS, the separation didn't get too much wider than it was before, and I have about two finger-widths to close up.  Wish me luck.

Anyway, that's us in a nutshell right now.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have to tell you the rest - like how I discovered seven vintage, leather-bound, 24-carat gold foil-stamped copies of books like The Divine Comedy and The Pilgrim's Progress for ONE DOLLAR EACH.  Yes.  I'm jealous of me as I type this.  But that kind of thing deserves its own blog post.  So I'll stop yapping for today.  Toodles and happy Monday!

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