what's up 'weekly.'

ooooh, lawdy.  this has been a packed week.  we had all kinds of appointments, plus i had a day where i had this weird burst of energy so i got in over my head on some projects.

my sister and her boyfriend stayed with us on friday night and saturday morning, as he had some photo shoots to do in town, and we glammed it up with fancy breakfast.  bagels and lox when it's not christmas?!  yes please.  then saturday night, todd and i got to go on a date and headed to hu hot.  and as a person who feels strongly that how well a day goes is often dictated by the food involved in said day, saturday was a good day.

sunday was a typical sunday funday.

monday was the day i woke up with tons and tons of energy and motivation.  weird, but okay.  mondays are typically pretty busy anyway, but in addition to my scheduled weekly stuff, i  somehow propelled myself along enough to do things like hand-scrubbing the flatwoven rug under our dining room table.  yeah.  i don't know why i do the things i do.  

i hauled the rug outside, scrubbed the whole thing with detergent and a scrub brush, and let it air dry out there.  it looks brand-new, which is shocking considering that for the last two years it's been living under a table used three times daily by four small children and a Spiller of Things (yours truly), and hasn't been more than spot-cleaned with that Nectar of the Gods, folex.  but even with folex by my side for the last two years, there had accumulated plenty of overlooked spaghetti sauce stains, blueberry chunks, and ground-in oatmeal and scrambled eggs.  but NO MORE!  it's finally clean, and it cost me exactly $0, which is significantly cheaper than the $150 dry cleaning bill i could have been staring at.  so that was a win.  then on tuesday, i sprayed it down with scotchgard and got it back inside.  and just because i'm a legitimate freak, i feel much better about the state of my life now that my rug is clean.

on tuesday, we had an appointment at 10, so i just had the big kids bring their school work along to finish while we waited.  i LOVE that about homeschooling.  since we were all clean and dressed and presentable to the public at that point, we ran a bunch of errands, including a trip to menards to get some supplies for me to start another project: a pegboard coat and shoe organizer to hang at kid-height for our entryway closet.  as soon as i get it finished, i fully anticipate our lives radically changing for the better.

on wednesday, we had more appointments: chiropractor for me, eye doctor for finneas.  both went smoothly, although i'm trying out a new chiro and i'm... not loving it.  has anyone else ever gone somewhere where you have to wear a weird gown every time instead of your own clothes?  it's awkward, and made more awkward by the fact that, while a medical gown rarely offers any real integrity to its wearer, a pregnant belly gives the medical gown the opportunity to strip the wearer of any remaining shreds of human dignity they may have otherwise held onto.  and that is all i will say about that.

thursday, yes, another appointment.  OB this time.  i'm losing my mind trying to keep track of all of our appointments anymore.  we went to the wrong clinic for finneas' eye appointment on wednesday, then on thursday, i showed up a half an hour early to my midwives' office.  it actually didn't turn out too badly in the end, though, as i had brought a book and got an entirely unadulterated half an hour in which to read it in the waiting room.  pure bliss.  (i'm reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and it is fascinating.  plus, i love his writing style.  it comes highly recommended from someone who has logged a cumulative forty minutes or so into the first few chapters, so take that for what you will.)  blissful, blissful friday.  there are the typical friday-y things, like school and washing the sheets and cleaning, but nothing extra on the agenda except a date with the one and only Todd Van Voorst.  you better believe i'm excited.  only a couple more opportunities for this before two-person dates will be thwarted by an ever-present, ever-feeding newborn.  one whom i will love to spend all that time with, surely, but still.  i'm taking advantage of the time alone with todd while i've got it.

two more weeks, y'all.  two more weeks.

and just for kicks: seeeeeesters, atticus' incredible artistic talent (my mind boggles at the things that flow from his mind to his notebook), and a love note from penelope.

yes, the picture he drew is morbid.  he is a boy and i've found it's little use trying to curtail their fascination with the downright gross.

'I Love You God Forever.'

have a great weekend!


Danielle Tiarks said...

You are adorable and I love your family. :) I'm so glad this week was better for you!

And I totally relate to the clean-endorphins from a cleaning project that desperately needs done. It'll keep me happy for weeks once it's completed!

todd said...

i love the words that come out of little kids who have Jesus in their home.

the jersk. said...

you get more beautiful every time I see a picture of you.