"What's Up," Weekly-Style.

 Last weekend, Todd's parents came to visit, which was wonderful, and the kids were clearly on board with it:

While they were here, we headed to Kmart, where the sliding door on the van decided to fall off.  I mean, it decided to just, like, fall off.  Which, of course, would have been slightly hilarious when all was said and done, if the other van door hadn't also fallen off previously.  Both sliding doors are now simply jammed into place and completely unusable.  Getting an infant seat in and out of the van will be interesting if not impossible from here on out, so now we get to navigate the joy of solving that problem.  WOOHOO!

Atticus lost another tooth.  He was absolutely accommodating when asked if he would show it off for the camera.

He eventually came around.

Penelope turned five-and-a-half.  WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!

Atticus developed an immediate and binding interest in termites after an especially titillating episode of Wild Kratts.  Combined with his powerful attachment to building things out of Duplos, this termite mound was the logical love-child.  It came replete with Duplo termites, of course, as seen next to Laurelai's left hand.

Speaking of Laurelai, she won a battle and looked great doing it.  Unfortunately, the battle was waged against one unsuspecting Finneas Van Voorst, who did not appreciate being wonked in the head with a sword, pink and wooden though it may be.

Second-to-Lastly, I am the big 4-0.  I made it, y'all.  And I haven't killed anyone.  Or eaten anyone.  Which are both wins in my pregnancy book.  Now, just to keep my fingers crossed that my stats stay the same as I cross from this side of my due date to the other.  I make no guarantees for your personal safety once I'm officially overdue.

Apparently the kids get their lazy eyes from me.  Comforting.

And lastly, I have written this entire blog post with proper capitalization.  Look at me, I'm nearing thirty and I'm finally growing up.  I guess it had to happen sometime.


Danielle Tiarks said...

Your family is great. :)

todd said...

i'm just glad to hear that you didn't eat Rocco