help a girl out!

okay, guys.  i'm needing book recommendations for when the baby comes.  so much time is spent stuck nursing on the couch during those early days, it's nice to have something to do.  i'm wanting good fiction that is not difficult to track with, as i'm going to be exhausted and confused most of the time anyway.  any suggestions?


Megan Miller said...

The mark of the lion series by Francine rivers or sparkling green earrings by Melanie Shankle ( haven't read her other ones but hear they're good)

Alana said...

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is brilliant. If I could live in a literary world, it would be that of the Night Circus. Ok, Hogwarts, then the Night Circus.

Danielle Tiarks said...

I just finished "All The Light We Cannot See" and loved it. The major sections go back and forth in timeline, but if you keep track of what year you're in (stated at the beginning of the section) you're fine. I had no trouble keeping up.