he-nanigans: in which todd turns 37.

eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  thirty-seven normal candles would not have fit on his cinnamon roll, so we put one dynamite-stick candle on there.  it is mathematically equivalent.

he successfully defused the dynamite.

i was maternally obligated to paint one for rocco as well, since he's coming soon and i didn't want to have to give an account for where his pumpkin was.  try making excuses to a newborn and see how far it gets you in life.

sorry for the blurry photo; it randomly decided to storm all of a sudden that morning, so the light got terrible.  but here was our birthday gift to todd: a bialetti espresso pot, a milk steamer, some yummy coffee beans, and some torani syrups.  we're about to open our own coffeehouse, not open to the public, but open to friends.  invite yourself over!

and that's how the van voorsts turn thirty-seven: in style.

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todd said...

i really enjoyed this early birthday celebration and i LOVE the chance to have a coffehouse that i live in.