old threshers time again!

well, it's labor day weekend, folks, the time of year when we trek down to my hometown for the old threshers reunion.  what is the old threshers reunion?!  why, you poor ignorant soul.  it is only the BEST antique tractor and crafts festival one could ever hope to experience.  and before you go calling lame-sies, you need to check yourself.  before you wreck yourself.

because, see here.  you can ride a working, antique trolley. (maybe i should have spent a bit of time with the cropping tool for this photo.  girlfriend is not helping my case that this is a good time.)

and you can drink all the sarsaparilla your tiny little belly can hold.

and you can pet the farm babies.

and you can wield a broadsword, just cuz.

you can watch the bee colony at the honey stand.

you can ride a real-mccoy steam train to an old western town, to watch a bank robbery in action.

you can mow down on the world's largest pickle.

you can check out literally hundreds - maybe thousands - of antique tractors and other pieces of farm equipment, you can visit the log village and watch them baking sourdough bread in a dutch oven over an open fire, you have access to any kind of food ever made of pork products, you can purchase anything you want, as long as it's wood and embellished with wood-burnt letters with excessive apostrophes in frequently unnecessary places.  (the van voorst's hou'se! establish'd '07.)  you guys.  it is seriously one of the best times of the year.  (although when you're big-pregnant and it's like 700 degrees outside, it does put a bit of a damper on the day.)

the kids had a blast, and had a dance party to 'the cheat is not dead' in the car on the way home.

it was a great day!

for fun old threshers flashbacks, here and here are the posts from our trip down in 2012, and and here is the post from our trip down last year.


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the cheat is not dead

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