'what's up' weekly.

this week had a lot going on, so let's jump in, shall we?  i'm just going to toss some random photos from the week next to likely-unrelated words, just because i can.

on saturday, i got up early to pick up my first bountiful baskets order.  i'd heard of it before from my ames friends, but i didn't realize we had one here, too.  basically, you're able to order every two weeks, and $15 will get you two laundry baskets full of produce delivered to a nearby drop site.  this is what i ended up with:

not too shabby, right?  that mango in the back weighed OVER THREE POUNDS and was bigger than the watermelon i got in the same basket.  that single mango has graced three batches of smoothies so far and there is still plenty left.  it's basically a mutant, but i don't hate it.

on monday, it was our anniversary and we partied the night away at the movies.

finneas and laurelai are hell-bent on breaking the couch someday.  they've been in intensive training for that glorious day for a while now.

on wednesday, atticus had an eye doctor appointment to see if the eye patching we've been working on with him over the last few months has had any effect.  it has, but we have at least six months more to go.  wamp wamp.  frustrating for all involved - atticus hates wearing the eye patch (in spite of the fact that i tried to sell it to him by telling him he looked like a pirate), and i hate having to remember to make him wear it.  it's been especially hard since we started school and i can't just have him put it on right after breakfast, since we do school right after breakfast and he can't see his work with his eye patched.  i need to find another time of day that consistently works for me to remember, and for him to be able to still function well with it on.

after his appointment, i took him to a local coffee place and we got hot drinks (it was weirdly freezing out) and snacks.  he felt so grown up sipping his hot chocolate out of a to-go coffee cup, it was adorable.  he's growing up so fast, and he's naturally so responsible that it's sometimes hard to remember he's still little.  i loved getting the chance to talk to him, just one-on-one.  kids are so different when they're isolated from the herd.

how cute are these two?!

on thursday, todd and i schlepped the kids to the dentist for their six-month check ups.  it seems atticus is staring down the barrel of early-intervention orthodontia.  he's going to need to have some teeth pulled at his next visit.  ugh.  breaks my heart.  it's not shocking - i started with my orthodontia in second grade and was not finished with it until eighth grade, and i still have two permanent bars and a removable retainer that i attempt to wear nightly (although, as you can see with my record with atticus' eye patch, i have a hard time remembering simple daily tasks, so it doesn't always happen).  so i'm not at all surprised, but i am bummed.  poor kid.  the dentist also said penelope and finneas appear to both be on similar trajectories.  great.

and how cute are these two?!

i also spent tons and tons of time this week cleaning out the basement.  why?  because for some reason i think that it will matter once the baby comes.  has anyone else had nesting start this early?  i can't figure out if it's nesting or just being practical, but i'm starting to get a little crazy about it (i spent over an hour just vacuuming the ceiling down there) so i'm thinking it's nesting?  who knows.

and that was our week!

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todd said...

give it up for glasses and braces, woot woot!

what's up with the state of our kids' eyes and teeth?

i blame it on whole30.