school's about to get schooled.

yeah, yeah.  it's the first week of august and we're starting school today.  we're total bummers, and that's just an objective fact.  but i really do have a few compelling reasons for starting so early:

1.  i'm trying a six-weeks-on/one-week-off schedule this year to see if i can't have a bit more stick-to-it-iveness when it comes to being disciplined about school.  six weeks is an easier chunk to bite off than twelve, which is how long our terms were last year.  at that rate, starting now will allow us to finish in late may, if we include a few longer breaks around christmas and after the baby comes.

2.  speaking of which, we're expecting to have a newborn show up in our midst in early november, which will leave us reeling, followed closely by thanksgiving, followed closely by christmas, and - blammo - before you know it, it will be january and i'll be all WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!  i'm trying to give myself a bit of a cushion for that.

3.  it's summertime, which means that everyone is getting a little burnt out on the lack of structure, and i'm just trying to avoid an incident where one of the kids eats another of the kids (which is likely, the way they've been fighting constantly), and i just go, 'well, at least that's one less to bathe.'  because we're getting really close to that point.  so let's just kill it before it dies and start school already.

so, all that being said, we're starting today, whether you approve of it or not.  so i thought i'd take this week on the blog to give you a glimpse into our homeschool space, our curriculum, and anything else school-related that comes to mind.  sound good?  okay!  see you in class tomorrow!

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todd said...

the phrase, "kill it before it dies," doesn't pair particularly well with the example of one of our kids actually dying at the hands and teeth of another.

poor taste paige.

the puns keep on coming.