the black hills: day six.

on day six of our trip to the black hills, we laid low and spent some great quality time at home with todd's parents.

the day started with laurelai getting her head stuck in the banister.  close up, it seems like a pretty pathetic sight.

but zoomed out, i'm sure you can agree the situation becomes a whole lot funnier when you realize she's merely part of a gallery of mounted heads.  it was pure performance art.

we headed outside, and the miraculous happened again:  laurelai fell asleep in todd's arms.  as a family who does sleep scheduling from the time the kiddos are just a few months old, we rarely end up with kids napping at rando times or in rando places, so this is incredibly anomalous for the van voorst offspring.  how sweet is it?!

later, the kids played ladder ball.  it was all fun and games for Photographer Todd until he got hit where it counts.  (beaned in the beans?  took the balls to the... too many jokes.  you get the idea.)  i guess he had it coming, especially since atticus was playing with his eye patch on, which is a clear sports handicap.  there were no more ladder ball photos after that.

we came inside and todd took some not-as-full-contact photos.  reading books about national monuments proved a pretty safe pasttime to photograph.

and for dinner, todd's parents took us to this little joint, where we got to eat $5 half-pound burgers under the loving gaze of about a billion mounted heads.  we left stuffed and feeling like we understood a little better what celebrities feel like most of the time.  ('i am just trying to enjoy my meal like a regular person!  why am i constantly being watched?! stop looking at me - i just want to live a normal life!')

after dinner, we came home and put laurelai to bed, then todd and i, the big kids, and todd's mom all snuggled in for some popcorn and a viewing of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in the theater room.  a perfect end to a really relaxing, enjoyable day!

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todd said...

i love the gallery of laur going head to head with the wildlife at my parents' house.