the black hills: day four.

so, i promise to break up the string of vacation posts with more run-of-the-mill crazy ramblings this week, but we're going to start this monday off by talking about the monday we spent in the black hills.  sound good?  okay.

the boys started the morning of day four with a good ol' fashioned gun fight, with a pause to appreciate the view through the living room window.

then we headed to reptile gardens.  i had really been looking forward to this, because finneas has been on a snake kick recently.  

by lunchtime, those non-maternity skinny jeans had cut off the circulation to my very-pregnant thighs entirely and induced horrible restless leg symptoms through the whole evening.  just looking at this photo makes my legs ache.  i make excellent life choices.

we got to see a crocodile/alligator show, which was horrifying and entertaining all at once.  see what i mean?  that guy is throwing a raw chicken leg into the gaping maw of a full-grown gator. 

the kids got to touch a baby gator.

oh, you know, we're just one big happy family, standing in front of a veritable compound of vicious animals.  cheese!

surprisingly, laurelai probably loved reptile gardens more than any of the kids, but i think it's just because all animals are babies to her, and the seeing the pit of crocodiles made her little-mama heart downright giddy.  she kept yelling, 'BABIES!  BABIES RIGHT DARE!  BABIES!'

here, we are attempting to leave the gator area and move on.

this is the funniest.

strangely, there is an entire prairie dog reptile gardens.  but sure, i'm down.  it was penelope's favorite part.

there was a huge indoor area with birds, plants, and TONS of snakes to look at (through glass, thank heavens).  this was my favorite snake, partly because it was dead and those are the best kind of snakes, but mostly because OH GOOD GRACIOUS, how amazing is it?

finneas mistook this bald eagle for a chicken, but the bald eagle was big about it.  he let it roll right off him.

and lastly, this giant tortoise:

yeah, it's real.  finneas even rode it for a minute, and in retaliation, it stepped on his foot (rather, his flip flop).  the thing was very heavy and not in any hurry to move (despite what you may have assumed about an obese, ancient tortoise), so finneas was completely immobilized until papa tony shoved the tortoise's foot off of finn's.  leave it to finneas to manage getting stepped on by a tortoise.

and to end the day, Finneas the Noble-Hearted Wields a Pistol.  covering all his battle bases.

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todd said...

dead snakes are my favorite kind of snake as well