'what's up' weekly.

i'm getting really bad at this whole blogging shenanigan.  my apologies for the abysmal showing this week.

last saturday, my parents and grandpa came up for the day.  they were more on-the-ball with the easter stuff than i was this year (note to self: chicken nuggets from burger king do not an easter feast make), so they hid some eggs and let the kids do their thang.

after the egg hunt, we just hung out outside in the gorgeous weather.  penelope, in a spurt of neighborliness and civility, not only allowed finneas to ride her precious pink bicycle, but also pushed him around on it.  between getting to ride a big kid bike, and wearing his fire shoes (always whispered by finneas with an accompanying fist pump, 'fire shoessss'), he was in heaven.

then we took some time to run or skip or something, because what the heck is the point of being a four-year-old girl if you don't get to full-on sprint around the yard while wearing a tutu and spiderman snow boots?  nothing, that's what.  and we're not here to live pointless lives.

atticus took some time to contemplate the deeper things of life.

so, atticus has a hole now.  i was pretty annoyed by the crater in our yard when it was first discovered why atticus had been so occupied for so long by himself one afternoon.  but that 'THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS' voice was quieted by the nicer-mommy voice that said, 'i really think atticus needs a hole.'  if anything, it might have saved a flowerbed from destruction.  so the hole has stayed, and gotten bigger.

penelope found an assistant to enslave for hours on end enlist to read 'the boxcar children' to her.

apparently, the hole was not enough for atticus.  he was very disappointed that he was not allowed to help me turn the compost.  in fact, to his eternal despair, the compost pile is entirely off-limits to him unless he is dumping something onto it with permission.

i got the chance to dig a bit in the dirt as well, which was glorious.  i think i know where atticus gets it.  you can see him in the background stealing sod clumps with which to fill his hole.

and lest you think laurelai wasn't real this week, due to her absence in the above pictures (which were taken during naptime), i am here to prove you wrong.  in fact, she was very real, and very much wrapped up and cuddling with me like a swaddled baby bunny.

and one more, for posterity's sake, and because i seriously cannot get enough of this kid:

fire shoesssss.


Katie Kenig said...

The picture of Atticus in his hole looks so BA! Jeans with the holes - such a stud :)

And I wish I had some fire shoes!!

todd said...

i LOVE the pictures.

Katie is right.

Atticus is pretty BA (Billy Bad Apple to the Core)

the jersk. said...

golly i love your fam. i cannot believe i'm not there to witness this awesomeness and chaos in person.