the whole9 yards.


well, folks.  yesterday was day thirty of the whole30, and i have to brag:  we did it.  we got through it with grace and dignity and at least less-than-daily meltdowns.  

the kids and i had the easiest go of it at the beginning, i'd say.  the kids were more temperamental, slept a ton, and fought all the time, so it wasn't rainbows and daisies those first couple of weeks, but they rarely asked about pizza, or why we couldn't eat noodles.  after the novelty of the whole thing wore off, they genuinely seemed to feel better, but they were mentally pretty over it.  and, honestly, so was i, once i started PMSing and wanting to eat everything sugary and chocolaty and salty and fatty.  those were a rough couple of days.

but we all made it through.  and i successfully never gave into the urge to cheat.  there were a couple of days in which i discovered that the banana chips or the mustard that i'd been serving had added sugar or something, which was frustrating, but i never knowingly fudged.  (ooh, fudgggggge.)  i'm proud of my accomplishment, since i'm not an overly self-disciplined person, generally speaking.

apart from the iron will it required, it also necessitated a bunch of planning.  here are some things that i think made it easier for me.

i took a week or so before we began to sit down and plan out every. single. thing. we were going to eat over the next thirty days.  i usually meal plan for dinner entrees and that's it, but this month i kept a menu for every single thing served at every single meal.  toward the end i got a bit more lackadaisical about side dishes and stuff (throw a bunch of roasted veggies, a salad, some baby carrots, some sauerkraut, and a couple of olives on the plate next to whatever your entree is and you've got yourself a meal).

also, because there was SO MUCH PRODUCE involved, we grocery shopped weekly, so i planned each week's grocery trips at the beginning of the month as well.

i printed out every single recipe i'd need over the course of the month, and kept them all in a binder with my menu plan and my grocery lists, so i had it all right on hand whenever i needed it.  (i personally hate getting to meal prep time and having to squirrel my way through my pinterest boards or whatever, looking for some recipe i buried, and then clicking the link, and then scrolling past the WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS that are always on food blogs.  it takes FORRRRRRRR. EVVVVVVVVV. ERRRRRRRR.  i'd rather just have it immediately in tangible black and white and times new roman, thankyouverymuch.)  i'd show you a photo of my binder, but i realize this post has already crossed the border into WhoCaresVille and is not coming back anytime soon, so i'll spare you.

and, just because i'm going to use whole30 as an excuse to act like an incessant dirtbag for another week yet, i'm planning on doing a recipe roundup next week of some of the genuinely yummy stuff we ate this month.  hold your breath for it, it'll be worth it.

now.  please excuse me while i go eat those chocolate covered caramels i've been lucid-dreaming about for the last three weeks.  ahem.


Jessica said...

I hear you about the pinterest food blog recipes... #thestruggleisreal


todd said...

i'm proud of you.
it took a lot of self control and will power and you pulled it off.