alert! alert!

the toddler is on the move!  i repeat, the toddler is on the move!

laurelai is a (walking) maniac, maniac on the floor.  and she's walking like she's never walked before.  seriously, she's getting really proficient and waddles and toddles around here all the livelong day.  (well, all the non-naptime moments of the livelong day.)

don't mind the bruise on her face.  casualty of her freshly chosen line of work.

now she can run with the wolves.  i mean, big kids.  i mean, wolves.

can you believe this child is fifteen months old?  she still looks like the tiniest of walking infants. 

just dying for the day when she's asked to join the cool kids' table... it's only a matter of time.

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todd said...

our kids lined up from left to right look like a bar graph charting the number of ice bucket challenges issued on facebook from June to September