so, we went to the zoo like a million years ago.

i'm pretty sure this trip happened in like august.  but they're perfect it's-cold-and-it's-monday-let's-pretend-life-is-different photos.

we went with my sister and had a blast, blasts, and half a blast.  (thanks for taking all these photos, lauren!)

i think finneas may have instigated a sword fight with his burger.  as per usual.

oh good gracious, how i love this photo.

(todd inadvertently appearing to be grabbing his tortoise-boobs.  whoops.  when at the zoo, do as the zoo do.  assuming the zoo do that.)

one of the many joys of going places with others is that we actually get photos with all of us in them.  of course, not everyone is looking at the camera, but what else is new?


so, not to brag on my bicep or anything, but...

so that was the trip we took to the zoo back before the dinosaurs were invented.  i'm just going to pretend like the sunshine is still around and that tank top is still an active part of my life.  and that, friends, is how you successfully utilize some serious denial on a cold, october monday morning.  blech.  


todd said...

i checked. that is how the zoo do.

Amanda Cushman said...

Love all the photos! And your hair is gorgeous!!