putting the 'weeeee!' in 'weeee!kly (what's up).'

not too much of note happened this week.  i feel like that's the report most weeks at this point, which makes me feel old and washed up, like someone who would go to a brett michaels concert.  but then, at least if i went to a brett michaels concert, i would have something noteworthy to report.  so, in actuality, i'm worse off for not having gone to a brett michaels concert.  WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN WHERE THAT SENTENCE WAS JUST UTTERED???  i think i need to reevaluate my life, and also start doing more interesting things with my time than walking around in my bathrobe drinking a flaxseed-kefir mixture out of a glass measuring cup... because that's literally the most exciting thing i did all week.

anyway, this little lady...

...turned four and a half.  which is not as noteworthy as a 'whole' birthday, but it's something.

atticus took her on a half-birthday jog around the yard.

(i feel like the caption for this photo should read, 'we're all just walking each other home,' but then i would have to throw up in my mouth, and it's just not worth it.  so consider this photo captionless.)

BOOM.  you just got brett michael'd and birthday jog'd.

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todd said...

happy 54 month birthday!

imagine if we continued the whole months thing beyond 2 years.

yeah, i'm 432 months old today!