lately the kids have been super into parkour which, if you've never heard of it, is basically ninja-people doing gymnastics-karate off the sides of buildings-whatever else.  it's insanity.  here's the kids' favorite parkour video we've found so far:

now one of their favorite games is called, unsurprisingly, 'Parkour.'  it's where they jump off/out of furniture/structures/trees.  before you judge me for being cool with them watching and imitating a high-risk sport, just let me write a quick, assumptive, parkour-v.-texting-while-driving comparison list for you (THANGS JUST GOT SERIOUS, Y'ALL):

1.  i'm guessing fewer people die from parkour-related accidents than from accidents related to texting while driving every year.  let me repeat, JUMPING OFF OF BUILDINGS is apparently statistically less fatal than driving whilst textstracted.

2.  dying by parkour is an infinitely cooler way to go than trying to squeeze in one more emoji before colliding with a light pole.

3.  parkour is not inherently illegal, so there's that.

4.  sure, texting while driving gives you ripped thumbs, and also ripped those-muscles-that-allow-your-eyes-to-dart-maniacally-from-your-phone-to-the-road.  but i'd rather have my kids learning to burn more than just thumb calories.

i only say all this so that i can drop this public service bomb:  don't let your kids see you being an idiot, keep your phone in your pants while you drive.  (or anywhere other than in your hand, i guess.)

anyway, now that i've turned the criticism away from my own personal parenting choices, PARKOUR!

also?  there's a thing called 'bike parkour,' which i like to call bikour.  watch out for the van voorsts, world.


todd said...

look before you leap.

i love it!

the jersk. said...