whut up or shut up.

and y'all know i don't shut up, so let's whut up, shall we?

this week has been kind of a slap back to reality after getting home from vacation.  it's been wonderful to see everyone again, but wow - it's amazing how quickly i forget the pace of life we live here when i step back for even a short amount of time.  it's been a bit of a rough transition back, mentally.  (not to mention, our dishwasher is still nothing more than a giant worthless metal chunk of oak-paneled carcass, so this whole 'two to three sinkfuls by hand every day' thing is getting ollllllllllllld.)

well.  am i not just a sparkling ray of sunshine, spreading cheer across this wide and spacious land?  instead of complaining anymore, i'm going to steal an idea from my sister's blog and tell you what the tops were this week.

THE TOPS (in no particular order):

1. i got a dental cleaning.  my first in probably three years.  the last time i got my teeth cleaned, i only had two kids, both of whom were with me at the time.  atticus was working on potty training, and he peed his pants while i was all slack-jawed in the dentist chair and it was madness.  it's been harder and harder to find the time to go, so when i scheduled todd's appointment this time, i piggybacked my own onto it so that i knew he would have the afternoon off to watch the kids.

2.  i'm still cavity-free!  nary a spot of decay in this ol' mouth.  granted, my teeth used to be as crooked as lombard street, and the fourteen-year-old retainer that was falling to bits years ago is still the only thing standing between me and the return to fraggle-mouth, and the millions of braces i wore left me with a permanent plaque-catcher that was showing three years of accumulation success, but oh well.  cavity-free, right?!

3.  laurelai turned eleven months old!  HOLY. OH. MY. GOODNESS. BATMAN.  she is less than a month away from turning the big 0-1.  she's now clapping and dancing and eating T-bone steaks, and sooner than i'd like, i'll be clapping and dancing and eating T-bone steaks... at her wedding.  where did my baby goooooooooooooooo?  (maybe i'll be lucky and she'll finally be up to like 15 pounds by then, so i can still pretend she's a baby.  "world's tiniest of-age bride" will perhaps make up for how quickly i let her youth fly past me.  especially if the title comes with a sash and an accompanying TLC special.)

4.  i'm contemplating getting my hair trimmed.  this is big, you guys.  this is my once-a-year excursion into beauty treatments that i pay someone else to do.  i wasn't raised this way, and it still hurts to pay someone real dollars to do what my mom's bestie will do for a couple of beers.  but i have found that the real-dollars haircuts come out a little more presentable, especially since my mom's bestie liked to be paid in advance.  so around once a year, i bite the bullet and go in and then drool all over the stylist while she shampoos my head.  really, at this point, i don't even care about the haircut, if i'm being honest.  (what is it about tepid water and a stranger's acrylic nails scratching up my scalp?  there is something downright magical about that combination.  it's like eating bagels and locks for the first time, where you're all like, 'really?  because this sounds like a recipe for wanting to die.'  and then you're all like, 'OH.  OH MY.')  so anyway.  i will get an appointment set up if i can get around my utter hermitishness and actually make a phone call.  really, it's more than i can summon the courage for some days.

5.  i bought my first bottle of OPI nail polish and YOU. ALL.  i just can't.  i can't even.  i want to paint my walls with this stuff.

anyway, that's enough talkie-talkie, rambly-rambly from me this week.  what were your 'tops' this week?  love you all to bits and pieces! 


todd said...

Whut up or shut up? BRILLIANT!
Fraggle-mouth? TWEET THAT!
You are back on you’re a-game for blog posting, busy week to boot.
BOOM! Blogging gold.
Hermitishness? CRABTASTIC!
Talkie-talkie, rambly-rambly? COOL-A-COOL-A

My tops:

1.Reading this blog post

todd said...



ohcitycity said...

I love love LOVE OPI and guess what. Hold onto your hat if you're wearing one and if you're not then you can just listen. You CAN paint your walls with it!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. They came out with OPI wall color. Check it out.