simply delicioso!

i made soup.

well, i didn't technically make soup, as it is still august and i have common decency, but i was definitely left with soup after i made this carne asada.  we ended up eating all the carne and were left with what i assume is the asada, the spicy broth stuff with floating bits of tomato and too-tiny-to-fork meat.

i have a recipe for taco soup - add some black beans and corn and probs some salsa to this leftover juiciness - but i wasn't about to turn the leftovers into soup because i still have hope in the human spirit and all that and IT IS NOT FALL YET YOU GUYS AND I REFUSE TO ACT LIKE IT IS.  but i couldn't bring myself to just throw the broth away because...well, i don't really know.  but without "soup" getting involved, that leftover broth is useless and essentially dead to me.  the realistic trajectory of that pitiful tupperware container was to spend its last remaining days stuffed at the back of my fridge until or beyond the point of rigor mortis and then tossed to the cedar falls garbage system, which i've clearly established could not give two rips.

sad, sad, pitiful, sad broth.

but then i decided to eat it like soup, though it is clearly not soup, because that is what one eats when they sup at ten p.m. on the night their husband is gone at class.  and that kind of pathetic existence deserves a pathetic meal like Lonely-'Not-Soup'-For-One.  but you know what?  it turned out being good.  like, really really good.

in fact, it was so good, i kept thinking to myself, 'this is simply delicioso!'  which maybe indicates that it was too good, because that is a ridiculous thing to think to oneself and i blame the asada for it.  i am not typically one of those fiends who spanglishes around like a heathen, but apparently it's only because i don't typically consume enough cumin.  obviously, once my blood cumin levels are up, i say things like 'simply delicioso!'

which also got me thinking, there is a SHOW.  ON TV.  called 'simply delicioso.'  and SOMEONE PAID.  SOMEONE ELSE.  to come up with that title.  and then YET ANOTHER GUY. thought it was THE BEST IDEA OF ALL THE IDEAS. and was like, 'yeah, that's the one!  that's it.'

sometimes this world boggles my mind.  come, lord jesus.

well, i think i've officially logged enough time waxing philosophic on foods that aren't even classified in any sort of civilized genre.  so here is where i leave you.  i'm not going to lie to you, i'm off to polish off the remaining leftovers.  because this is mi vida now.