pool-related puns for a title!

(i really wanted to come up with some pool-themed puns to start the day off on a good foot, and i kept trying to think of a clever way to tie this post in to rap music, because then i could come up with pool-rap-hybrid names for the kids, like LL Pool J and Poolio.  i think i'm just going to call atticus 'poolio' for the rest of this post, just so that excellent idea doesn't go to waste.)

this last weekend, we headed to illinois to visit some old friends, and todd got a chance to teach at their church.  (just to clarify, our friends are a pastor and his wife.  todd didn't just go to the church of some rando person we know and get all, 'hey, let me on stage! i think i've got this!')

also?  they had a pool.  penelope quickly learned how to eke out every ounce of relaxation to be had.

here's one of Poolio getting blasted in the chestal region by an unfairly armed adult who is clearly having too much fun to care.

finneas and jarrod are now besties.  here they can be seen having deep conversations about the current global political climate.  or something along those lines.

the kids destroyed the place.

laurelai fell and hit her lip and bled ERRRWERRR.  how penelope managed to not see any of it go down while she was in the same room, i'll never know, but she did, so there was no fainting.  which is always a positive when you're already trying to deal with another child's massive blood loss.

here, she is crying, but she looks like she's laughing, so i'm including it.  her mouth is all stained with blood, too.  so there's that.

just look at those formal mantel-posing pastors.  so casual-yet-professional about their friendship, and about life in general.  as a matter of fact, jarrod always carries that fireplace surround with him, on the off-chance that there will be a photo op.  this photo was actually taken in the parking lot of a Denny's.

JUST KIDDING! THEY REALLY LIKE TO PLAY IT FAST AND LOOSE WITH THEIR PHOTOS BUT THEY START OFF PRETENDING LIKE THEY DON'T!  that's how david and jonathan always instagrammed, and if it's good enough for heroic bible buddies, it's good enough for todd and jarrod.

thanks for letting us crash your place (and one of your bowls), jarrod and julie!  


todd said...

Poolio is like one "o" off from being even more deadly than a gangsta!

LL Pool J is a-maz-a-zing!

What about Pool Daddy? Or was that Pool Diddy?

Or the Notorious P.O.O.L.

Perhaps even Lil' Pool (or Kiddie Pool on the streetz)

Maybe Ice Pool?

Alright, I'm outtie 5,000.

paige said...

i'm thinking "Pool and the Gang."

todd said...

What about Ja Pool?

Or Pool Pac?

YAYA said...

Poolhouse Rock!