video vednesday: sssshhhhhhp. woooo!

you're going to want to watch this one.  first of all, his name is MICHAEL P. VIGILANTE III.  second of all, his moves are awesome and his jacket is yellow and he is wearing a wedding ring somehow.  third of all, his name is MICHAEL P. VIGILANTE III.

thanks for sending this, kristy!  you have made my life worth living.


todd said...

I can’t believe this is real.
Like my mind won’t accept it.
I cannot suspend my disbelief long enough.

the jersk. said...

i wanna know what God's supposed 'special plan' was for this guy...#sketchyyyyyy

The Crislers said...

I feel like I need to know what the "P" stands for, but simultaneously suspect that such knowledge would come with a terrible, terrible price.