stinky feet equals dollars dollars dollars!

i was on the craigslist job page the other day, just looking around for other options for todd.  and i couldn't believe our luck! i found the perfect 'plan A' and 'plan B' for him!

wow, i don't know what i hope for more:  that he would end up being a model, or that he would step in to a smells-are-remunerated customer service position.  probably the second, just because i simply cannot imagine a job in which a customer service position is open specifically to stinky-footed individuals.  what kind of customers would he be serving?  and what kind of service do said customers require??

um, now that i think about it, i definitely hope he becomes a tv/film/video/radio model.  specifically, a radio model.  he'd probably get to spend a lot of time at home.


todd said...

I can be a radio model and you can be a stay-at-home rapper.

Our lives are going to be friggen amazing.

How did we not see this coming?

The Crislers said...

Derek just mentioned the other day that he could always earn extra money being a nude model for the art classes at ISU. I think he said it pays $30/hr. If only you lived closer to Ames again!