party on, garth.

yesterday, my parents, my grandpa, todd's parents, and our nephew came to party with us in celebration of penelope's birthday.

we started the day by presenting penelope with a special party dress that she could wear to church and then to her party.  she was in. love.  girlfriend loves to dress up.

finneas, on the other hand, attempted to leave the house like this:

(mama holds 'veto' rights on sunday outfit choices.  i exercised it this morning.)

it was a full house, and we loved seeing so much of our family, including my grandpa, who is visiting from california.  (but will soon be moving to iowa!)

the boy cousins, especially, had a ton of fun together.

penelope had first requested a 'carrot applesauce cake,' which i was hesitant about making, since she'd never had one before and i didn't feel like banking all her birthday dreams on a vegetable cake.  i know that sounds like the opposite of good parenting, but i'm okay with that.  so luckily she changed her mind in the process, and requested a sprinkle cake.  so sprinkles on a funfetti cake fit the bill.

and the highlights of present time were her very own sword and shield (stained PINK!), her tinkerbell high heels, and her pink pickup with horse trailer (horses included).  much fun (and fighting over new toys) will be had in the near future, i can already tell.

she ended the day by wearing her new nightgown to bed.  and also dusting the living room for me.  so we all win.

happy (continued) birthday to my sweetest biggest girl.  i'm so in love with this lady.


todd said...

i love the Penelope has such hops in that kitchen picture.

i also like her spinjitsu in the entryway in the morning.

todd said...

i am giggling again about sissy's mad "ups"

She has some air between her and the floor.

so a-maz-ing!