happy birthday, Van Voorst Family of Cedar Falls!

yesterday, may 14, marked the one-year anniversary of the kids and i moving up here to cedar falls (or, as penelope has taken to calling it as of yesterday, 'super falls').  one year, you guys.  ONE YEAR.

it's kind of been like having a baby, in a way.  where you're all, 'how has it only been a year?! it feels like forever!' and also, 'HOW HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?! that flew by!'  but really, it's so crazy to think about how faithful god has been to us through this whole season of life.  he sold our house for a profit.  he brought todd a new job.  and, when we were going to have to spend a bunch of time living separately and waiting for our house to close, god provided a free place for us to live while we house-hunted.

first, we moved into a condo, belonging to a woman who had never met us before, but who allowed us and our three tiny kids to live there for three weeks while she was on vacation.  who does that?!

home sweet temporary home.

the weirdly appropriate view from our back deck during those weeks.

i have a feeling i'll be spending a lot of time over the next couple of weeks thinking about those days.  how i was 28 weeks pregnant when we got here, and how i made millions of batches of fried zucchini to eat while i watched network television during naptime.  (it turns out pregnancy cravings don't stop, even in the midst of major life changes; if anything, they become more pronounced.)  how i sat in the rocker and read 'what is a family?' by edith schaeffer, which was so profound, i decided i wanted to name our kid after her (though that obviously ended up changing).  how penelope pooped her pants at the park.  how atticus kept wetting the bed, i think because of all the transition.  how finneas was still not walking yet.  how the kids could not get enough of PBS and 'it zwibble: the magical dinosaur fairy.'  how i had to blog from starbucks, since there was no internet connection at the house.  how i fell in love with that woman's miele vacuum and front loading washer/dryer, and i will never be the same.

it was such a weird time, and in a lot of ways, it was incredibly stressful, but it was such an awesome time of cocooning and rest in the midst of a huge life overhaul.

our first meal together in our new home.

and when i think about what god has brought us since then- our house, our church, our new daughter, our community - i can totally see his hand of blessing in all of it.  there is no reason that we should be here, doing what we're doing, other than because god has chosen it for good in our lives.  and we are so, so grateful, and excited to see what else he has in store for us!

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todd said...

dag yo!

SO MUCH has gone on in the past year. we've done more ministry in the past 12 months than our previous 6 years together prior I would imagine.

and we're only getting started.