what's up?

a numbering of things that happened this week.

1.  they brushed their teeth while they watched a movie, which is too cute not to share:

the girl's winter hat that atticus is sporting is his soldier helmet, to clarify.

2.  todd got a shard of pottery glued to his finger and took about a million years trying to pry it off.

3.  we got dressed up for easter, and captured the ever-elusive shot of all of us, though we're varying degrees of happy about it, as you can see.

4.  my mom set up an egg hunt for the kids, and now anytime we go outside, finneas yells, "EGG?!"

5.  my parents also brought a slide for the kids, which they now call their 'very own park!'

6.  i finished tilling and fencing my garden, and planted peas, lettuce, mesclun mix, broccoli, spinach, and cilantro.  it looks podunk because it is.

7.  my friend lisagrace surprised me by coming to visit yesterday.  i wasn't even wearing a bra when there suddenly came a knock on the door.  that's how surprised i was.

8.  todd and i went down to iowa city to visit my dad, who is not feeling well and in the hospital.

9.  i was in this photo with my sistercakes.  it's probably my biggest accomplishment in life:

the endzo!


todd said...

instagram? more like instanglam!

the jersk. said...

i love your little (originally typed litter, but whatever) family so much.
and hello HOT MAMA! you and lauren look SO FAB. highest of fives.