what's up?

let's do a quick rundown of our week, which (i warn you) involved a lot of food and food-related incidents.

1. todd and i ordered a new mattress! finally!  and R.I.P. to our current stupid one.  or actually, DON'T R.I.P. (D.R.I.P.?), you stupid old mattress.  you never let us rest in peace, so i'm happy to wish the same fate on you.  in fact, i feel like i could sing the 'mr. grinch' song to you and the lyrics would more or less line up.  only, there would be a line in there about how there are more craters on your surface than on the surface of the moon.  and how todd has to even his side out by putting a pillow in the cavernous depths.  and how the integrity of the side is about as corrupt as...(oh, yes; i DID just about throw big pharma under the bus at the same time as our mattress.  i'm on a rampage!)

todd asked the mattress sales guy if they haul away the old mattress, and after he answered in the affirmative, he actually asked him if they could do something nasty and mean to it first.  just to spurn it as it rightfully deserves before it gets thrown onto the trash heap where it belongs.

2.  after ordering our mattress, we went to red lobster to eat, where todd polished off two lobster tails in a single sitting and then proceeded to worry the rest of the night about how gross it was going to be if he threw them up.  (answer: pretty gross.)

3.  while we were out on our mattress-and-seafood adventure, atticus was at a friend's, learning to do this:

weird angle on his arm in this one.  it looks like he has a stump, but i swear there's a full-fledged arm around there somewhere.)

4.  said kid-watching-friends obtained this bike trailer for exactly $free dollars and gave it to us!! there are so many bike trails in our city, and i'm excited to take the kids out and about this summer!  (although, these things are two-seaters, so i'm thinking we should get another one of these trailers and hook it behind the first trailer and basically just start up a kiddie train like you see at the fair.  seems safe enough.  plus i could start a kiddie-train-for-hire side gig and make some sweet cash.)  it also has a handlebar thing so it functions as a jogging stroller as well.  

5.  todd got new shoes, which means finneas got new shoes.

6.  we tried feeding laurelai some store-bought baby food, and while she didn't gag on it like she did with the homemade stuff, her feelings toward it can be accurately described as 'indifferent-bordering-on-resistant.'  oh well.

7.  as a backstory, we tend to make our kids eat one-bite-per-year-of-age of their dinner before being allowed to leave the table.  as another backstory, i refuse to cater our dinners to be at all 'child friendly.'  sometimes we have food they like, sometimes we don't.  we eat what todd and i want to eat, for the most part, with no alternative options.  i get that might seem harsh.  but that's life, and they'll live.  i refuse to raise children who can't go on missions to other countries or joyfully receive hospitality/generosity from friends because they're too used to having their limited tastes catered to.  (another rampage!)

so all that to preface Finneas Versus the Dastardly Beef Stew:

pouting after being told to take a bite.

drastic times (and tons of procrastinating) call for drastic measures.

i think he liked it okay in the end.

8.  lastly, i am becoming unhealthily obsessed with atticus' hair.  i think i'm giving him a complex, since i laugh 'at' (really, with, though he doesn't get it because he's not actually laughing) him every time i get to style it.

what is not to love about that?!?!?

happy weekend, guys!


Danielle said...

Is there a kid version of GQ? Because Atticus deserves to be on the front of that magazine, no photoshop required.

todd said...

yeah, it's called GQ JR.

or maybe, JV GQ?

or most likely GQute

(that's G-cute for those of you who have no idea what I'm getting at)

todd said...

also, D.R.I.P.

my new favorite acronym.
for reals.