laurelai update.

laurelai had her six-month check up on wednesday and has been given a clean bill of health.

length: i don't remember; who ever really cares about length, other than when trying to respond to comments about how 'she looks long' without just being like, 'yeah...she probably is.'

head circumference: i don't remember specifics.  it's round, though, which is good.

(i'm starting to realize that i maybe should have pulled out her sheet before typing this up.)

weight: 12 lbs 6 oz!  which means she has officially broken the first percentile mark!  1.04%, to be exact.  what a massive chunk of human.

the doctor was great.  she said laurelai looked healthy and happy and there's no need to 'artifically fatten' her with breastmilk supplements or anything.  she gave us the all-clear to start laur on foods, but as i do Lazy Mom's Intro to Big Kid Foods  baby-led weaning, and laurelai doesn't seem all that fascinated with food yet (although, she did look pretty into a brownie i was eating last week.  go big or go home in the van voorst house), we probably won't start, like, yesterday.  maybe once i can get to the store and grab up some bananas and avocados.  or dig around in the fridge for some leftovers.

anyway, that's all to say that she's doing really well, and my fears regarding her size and the climate of resulting doctor visits were alleviated.  no blood draws, no constant weight checks, no trips to specialists.  all is good in van voorst vorld.

now, on to what everyone (or maybe just me, but i trump all in this case) really cares about: cute pictures of our cute baby.  today's exhibit:  Sibling Time on the Kitchen Floor.

going for the glasses.  way to disarm your opponent, little one.


and then, as any mom of small children probably already saw coming from a million miles away:

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todd said...

I love that tiny little lady!