laurelai at six months.

get ready for picturepocalypse.  (the a-PIC-alypse?  nope.  i've gone and crossed the line.)

anyway.  get ready for tons of cute photos of laurelai, because, in the words of my friend amanda, 'good gravy, that's a cute baby.'  i just couldn't narrow them down.

one thing you will notice is that she's in the same outfit in pretty much every photo.  not because they were all taken on the same day, but because, as she was born in august, we did not anticipate needing warm 0-3 month clothing for her.  and considering this winter has been especially hemmorhoidy, as far as winters go, and she's especially pocket-sized, as far as babies go, we've had to default to the same four warm outfits over and over and over.  apparently she's especially photogenic in the blue jammies.

kay, so without further ado:

i'm SIX MONTHS OLD?! hmmm, interesting.

i'm not sure what she weighs at this point; she'll have a doctor's appointment on wednesday and i'll let you know.

girlfriend is on the move.  she can do upward facing dog and is working on her plank.  she is, no lie, the Most Muscular Van Voorst.  she has these tiny little buns of steel.  she's so muscular she's like beef jerky.  or a hamstring with a head.  there is not an ounce of baby fat on her; she's a lean, mean, drooling machine.  like, no, really:

kay, srrsly, is that not the cutest baby you've ever seen?!

see? drooling machine.

she is currently torn between two great loves that are passionately vying for her heart:

Sucking on the Nuk, and Sticking Out the Tongue.

it's seriously like an episode of the bachelorette.  i really have no idea which will steal her heart for the win.  but she can't love them both at the same time, so at some point she'll just have to choose.  high drama right there, folks.

she can roll from back to tummy.  she still wakes up once or twice a night to eat.  she loves to stand, and can sit if you prop her up right and mutter some incantations and hop on one foot with your fingers crossed behind your back.  she's starting to be interested in toys/stuff to do/stuff to chew.   she is adored by all:

she's, like, always happy...

except for, you know, when she's not.

or when she's super concerned.

and in her kicky matching jumpsuit and knit beanie, she's a regular baby from the block, and all my mothering dreams have been realized in this photo:


Heather said...

oh, for the love. i'm actually giggling at the cuteness. (and the writing.) she reminds me of my lizzie, who weighed 16 pounds at a year. lizzie was also tiny and weightless but really strong, so she learned to stand at 7.5 months and then basically just started climbing the walls. it was frightening. i'd leave the room for 3 seconds, come back, and find my 8-month-old perched precariously (what other way is there to perch, really) atop the back of the couch or bookcase or whatever.

all this to say, good luck.

todd said...

we love our ickle laurelai.

the irony of this post is, of course, that it is Finneas birthday today.

the jersk. said...

good. grief.
like, i cannot.
just can't.
can't deal.
too much cute.
i'm dead.

Our life in pictures said...

she is definitely adorbs.....and I love all the pics....mainly the laughing one, and the one where todd's balancing her, and the one where she's playing with mommy and the one......when can Kristy and I come see you????