w.u.w.: in which i post entirely too many photos of our new fish.

this week, the big kids both got new glasses.  penelope's are Hello Kitty, and she calls them her MeowMeowHeart glasses.

atticus got tortoise shell frames, and they make melt.  how awesome/adorable/smoochable does he look in them?!?!  very.  although, he does look a bit like fuller from home alone, doesn't he?

for christmas, todd and i got the kids a fish tank, and on saturday we took the kids to walmart to pick out their fish.  (sorry for the photo of a phone photo.  also, the girl in the photo isn't me; it's a sales associate named demi that penelope lovingly referred to as 'hey you.'  also, i'm really hoping that this fish ownership experience doesn't turn out like the last.)

we bought them, then zipped the baggie of fish up in a baby sweater so we could leave them in the car while we went to target to browse for a while.  luckily none of them died, or we'd be out 28 cents.

once we got them home and adapted to the temp of the fish tank, we all spent a really unreasonable amount of time watching at them float around like the lovable, buoyant idiots that they are.  why it's so intriguing, i can't say; i just know i still go in there sometimes just to watch them do their non-thing.  

i had hypothetical money riding on the likelihood that laurelai's fish would end up kicking the sandbucket, since she was pretty traumatized by the move, and still seems a bit too stupid to figure out how to eat.  but by some miracle, she's still alive, so that's good.

i asked the kids what they wanted to name their fish.  atticus' (the orange and black one) is named Gunnar, after my friend michelle's son.  penelope's (the orange and white one) is named Ally, after a college student we've gotten to know and love.  finneas' (the all-orange one) is named Arthur, and i'm not even kidding that finneas picked it out all by himself.  he really is a card when it comes to naming stuff.  and laurelai's (the all-white one) was named Lucy by penelope.  i think she came up with the name from the charlie brown christmas movie.

whenever i see the following photo, i start singing, 'when you're a jet, you're a jet all the way...'  they look like they're patrolling their waters right good.  i'd be intimidated if they weren't actually less scary than a couple of nickels with tails.

in normal-people, non-fish-obsessed news, this little lady turned four months old!

i painted her toenails in celebration.  (actually, i ended up painting pretty much her entire toes and then having to give her a bath to get all the undesired nail polish off of her skin.)

i'll do a whole laurelai post next week and let you know what she's been up to.

on new year's eve, we spent the night at paul and jenni's.  it was so fun - there was a fire going and tons of food.  we stayed up until midnight, watching the fantastic mr. fox and waiting for the ball to drop.  (the kids went to bed earlier, obviously, and laurelai slept from 9:30 until 6:00 the next morning! it was like a dick clark miracle.)

the next morning, we all sat around the fire, drinking coffee and watching the rose parade, and i made my famous looks-like-slop, tastes-like-heaven, make-ahead oatmeal.

and why does todd have a pervert 'stache?  well, i'll have to tell you about that next week.  but until then, you're looking good, sweet thang.

(in this photo, he looks less like a pervert and more like he should be wearing some of those really high waisted boxing pants and saying, 'puddum up, puddum up!')



the jersk. said...

yeah, i was gonna say less pervy and more old-timey. like with homsar.
okay, but you have the most beautiful children i've ever seen. i nearly teared up at the first one of laurelai. the pic with the 4 on her head really brings out her 'lauren' if i may say so.
someday soon i shall visit and snuggle the hecks outta her!

todd said...

I’ll sock ya in the gums!