we need to talk.

oh, y'all.  the holiday season is upon us.  and i am finding myself gasping for breath.  which means i'm going to have to bow out of this whole 'regimented blogging' thing for a while - i'll still post occasionally throughout the week, and will likely be pretty regular about posting our weekly happenings on fridays. 

but until january, let's just be aquaintances, okay?  can it be more like we're casual dating than going steady?  i just need a little space right now.  i promise, it's not you, it's christmas.  i hope we can still be friends.

see ya round!

(this post reminds me: at some point i'll have to tell you about that one time i broke up with a high school boyfriend and he threw a pizza at me in retaliation.  actually, i guess i don't have to tell you later; that pretty much sums up the whole saga.)


Heather said...

sniff. okay. but, sniff.

will you guys give us a call if you're in sioux center over christmas? we're in the book. :)

todd said...

How will I know what happens while I’m at work!!!

Jessica said...

I totally had a dream that involved the entire Van Voorst and Kiesling clans last night. Essentially, we were there to celebrate Penelope's birthday...and I trashed your entire house.

Sorry about the mess. I still had fun. :)