what's up weekly...SATURDAY EDITION!

yes, kids.  yes, i did.  thank you for noticing, my tiny and diligent blog readers.

i have a valid excuse: my grandma was here from south carolina for much of the week and i had better things to do with my time than sit here in front of my computer screen all day.  ignoring your grandma for your blog is something only teenagers with moustaches try to pull.

on sunday, we celebrated atticus' birthday with my grandma, my sister and my parents.  atticus was especially happy to have his G.G. (my grandma) here.

also?  this happened:

also?  finneas was super excited to hold his baby sister, but things quickly turned south, as tends to be the inevitable case in many sibling interactions around these parts.

my grandma watched the kids a few times to allow me to go on a dinner date with todd, and on a grocery date with myself.  so much independent time in such a short time stirred a few of the hibernating bits of myself back to life. 

grandma and i spent much of tuesday evening baking pumpkin cheesecake, caramel-apple pie, and butterhorn rolls for thanksgiving.  yeah, my grandma is tiny and awesome and she bakes.  i bet she could also beat up your grandma.  (but she wouldn't.  she's too nice.)

wednesday morning, i took the girls to the salon so that penelope and i could get our hair cut.  it was my first cut since april of 2012.  yikes.  it was penelope's first haircut.  (please ignore the wonky photos; i was one-handing laurelai while i took them.  thinking on it now, there were so many more interesting shots i could have taken.  but, oh well.)

(looking back, i really wish i had asked the stylist to take a photo of me with the girls on our first 'girls' day out.'  bummer.)

we spent thursday and friday down at my mom's, gorging ourselves and hanging out with family.  my other grandparents got to meet laurelai for the first time as well!

this pretty little darling turned three months old:

also?  if i zoom out, you can see her kicky UNI team gear and her sassy snow-leopard-print leggings.  that's right.

lastly, finneas basically started talking this week.  he can suddenly say 'milk,' 'more,' 'GG,' 'meow,' and he combined his first phrase, 'sleep baby' (which he said in response to me telling him that his baby was sleeping.)

also, he now sings 'ringdingding' and 'chachachow' in response to the question, 'what does the fox say?'  he's pretty well on the path to a successful and fulfilling life.


Heather said...

love seeing laurelai's personality blossom... she looks so much like you!

your kids are too cute. i don't know how you get anything done, ever.

todd said...

perhaps one of the best week's ever in recent memory for team vv. details to come...?