weird week.

man, you guys. i would so love to write some kind of awesome blog post for you today, but i just don't have it in me.  all my big kids are at my mom's, so i'm missing them and feeling wonky.  and laurelai's going through that weird metamorphosis that all two-week-olds seem to go through, where they want to eat all the time, and they stop sleeping during the day and start wanting to be held all the time, and then they get bored of being awake so they want to nurse for no real reason, and then they get a tummy ache from eating too much when they're not hungry, and then they cry because their tummy hurts and they want to nurse for comfort...and on and on.  you know the drill.

why is it that no baby book ever mentions this?  it has happened with all four of my kids.  from week two through week six, it's like they mutate for a while.  am i the only one who has noticed this pattern?  they're awake all night, they're awake all day, and the whole stage makes you want to die a little. and cry a lot.

i remember back when atticus was a newborn, some (apparently sadistic) older mom of four told me that if he wasn't sleeping, it was because i hadn't done a good job of teaching him how to sleep.  so at her direction, i found myself sitting on the couch for HOURS during the day, with all the blinds closed and the lights off and the TV off, trying to teach my three-week-old to sleep and feeling like a failure.  what?!  i don't know which is more depressing: that whole phase of life, or facing the reality that newborns sleep how and when they want, which is rarely when you want them to and always out of your control, which is where i find myself now.

and all this newborn drama has ALWAYS made me wonder how humanity perpetuates itself. why the newborn days are like this i'll never know, other than, i suspect, to make us all stand a little more in awe that any of us survived babyhood. or will (hopefully) survive motherhood.

and as an aside, if one more baby advice column spouts this garbage about 'sleeping when the baby sleeps,' i will probably do something rash.  newsflash, BabyCenter: babies only sleep for like an hour at a time, and only newborns and serial killers end up being able to function like normal on a 24-hour cycle of hour-long naps.  the rest of us are just having to deal with suddenly living with the mental capacity of a newborn or a psychopath.


todd said...

how is it that we all begin our lives so resistant to eating and sleeping and end our lives so in love with both?

Sarah said...

Oh Paige. I feel for you. Elijah was horrible in that stage and then I would go somewhere with him and people would say "oh you're so lucky to have a baby." My response in my head was always no. I'd be lucky to have some sleep. Or some old lady would say the days are long but the years are short and I would want to respond long? Try never ending! He NEVER sleeps. All this to say I feel you and you should have some cookie dough.

Heather said...