prepare to be underwhelmed.

you know how sometimes you don't feel like acting like a turd? 

well, today i don't feel like acting like a turd, so i wasn't going to blog.  but then i figured if i didn't blog, everyone would think i may have gone into labor, which is not the case.  and then i realized that, as long as i stay pregnant, i have unlimited post material for this blog.

so today i'm going to blog about how i'm not going to blog but how i am also not in labor.

and there is my blog post.  happy thursday fun time huzzah!


todd said...

on principle, i am not commenting on this blog post.

YAYA said...

I spoke with Jeannine this morning and she is going to have Bruce send you the details on how to make his famous Higher Grounds sandwich "Mt Vesuvius." She says it has been confirmed to have sent at least 3 (pregnant) women into labor and believes that it will help return you to your unpregnant, turdy self.

todd said...

thanks YAYA.
i can't wait to have my turd back.