it's tea time, ballers.

we've recently instated 'tea time,' a time of the day where, well, most of us drink tea together.  simple but profound.

here's the deal:  naptime had been getting crazy-late.  some days i wouldn't even lay everyone down until 2:00 or even 3:00.  (in my defense and excuse-making, finn had still been taking a morning nap, which meant he wouldn't lay down until later in the afternoon for his second nap, and i am HARDCORE about naptime.  all kids nap at the same time unless one of them has been kidnapped by someone who puts them down at a different time.  mama needs her quiet nacho time.)  it was so crazy because then they'd sleep until 5:00 or 5:30, get up super grouchy, the house would be a wreck, i'd have to start making dinner, todd would get home, we'd eat at like 6:30 or even 7:00, and then wonder why the kids weren't ready for bed by 8:00.  they'd dink around in their room until like 9:30.  ridiculous.

but lately, finneas has been only taking one nap a day, which has been wonderful.  i shoot to get the kids down for nap much earlier, which means they wake up mid-afternoon.  on many days, i let them play a little, then set aside an hour where we get a handle on the sorry state of the house and then snack/drink tea.  the house is cleaner when todd gets home, and i'm in a better frame of mind for having to begin dinner.  win-win.  i'm not able to do it every day, but i'm always glad for it on the opportune days.

one thing i didn't anticipate was how much the kids would love tea time.  i make them weak, low-caf tea that's mostly just brown water with a bunch of honey in it (and half-and-half in penelope's), and we sit around and eat granola bars and i get to ask them questions about their favorite parts of the day, their current interests/dislikes, etc.  it's refreshing for everyone, plus i feel like i'm getting to know my kids a little better than i did before. (i realize i could have been asking these questions during lunch, but lunch time is super chaotic as i throw pretzels at them and beg them to hurry and eat so we can all proceed to naptime.  after all, those nachos are calling my name and aren't getting any younger.)

we're at the point where penelope regularly requests tea time.  then the other day, she asked todd, 'did you know your name is like an english afternoon? both begin with 'T(ea)!'  i thought it was super clever until i realize she had lifted it right from the Letter Factory video, and it was purely coincidence that todd's name starts with T.  but whatever.  she likes the Letter Factory, she likes todd, and she likes tea time, which is all that really counts anyway.

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todd said...

i like hearing about tea time and there is something quaint and refreshing about you and the kids sitting down mid-afternoon for tea and talk and don't forget the granola.

i hope this tradition sticks.