and here's what was up.

last friday night we drove down to drop the kids off at my mom's, and saturday we left for my friend jeska's bachelorette party, which was in kansas city.  (to clarify, todd didn't go to the bachelorette party, which involved playing mariokart, eating nachos, and giving ourselves manicures; he hung out in the basement like a bro, listening to mark driscoll sermons.  we each had an awesome time.)

on sunday, we drove a couple hours west of kansas city to manhattan, KS, where her actual wedding was.  we did the whole rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/wedding setup thing.  we then ran to target so i could buy some last-minute girly-girl supplies (it was a makeup-buying heyday) and go back and gave myself a pedicure and tested out my new makeup (which was a good thing, since the brand of liquid eyeliner i bought apparently doesn't ever dry.  so like two hours later i rubbed my eye and it smeared errrrwhere.  not wedding material: noted).

monday was the actual wedding day; we got over to the site in time for breakfast, and learned that the bride herself had gotten like two hours of sleep and was spending the morning barfing.  sad dinosaur.

the wedding went off without a hitch and we stayed for a bit of the reception, but then we hightailed it out of there, since a) we wanted to make the seven hour trip back to my mom's yet that night, and b) a karaoke contest was beginning and wants me around for the likes of that.

tuesday we visited my grandparents, where FINN TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS! (finally! at fifteen months!) then we drove the kids back home.  the kids and i conked out for a few hours in the afternoon and i made popcorn for their dinner.  i ate cereal and chocolate ice cream.  no shame.

wednesday i had a doctor's appointment in the morning, then our home inspection in the evening.  GREAT NEWS! our house is solid and not crumbling down and most of the important stuff (mechanicals, roof, etc) is new-ish and in good condition.  the guy even said the foundation, which was poured in 1937, is as solid and square as that of a newly built home.  hallelujah.

yesterday we did NOTHING.  nothing at all.  walked to the park, gave the kids desperately-needed baths, but that was it.  all three kids took three-hour naps and i pinterested the afternoon away.  it was glorious and low-key and exactly what i think we all needed to recover from our crazy week.

oh, and here's the latest pregnancy photo, in which i'm staring into the sun and therefore looking about as dead behind the eyes as a kardashian.

so there you have it.  if you're still reading this, i should buy you a soda of gratitude or something.  good job; you have proven yourself a dedicated and faithful friend.

happy weekend.  i wish you all much vegging out.


todd said...

i will take my sode of gratitude on the rocks.

lauren said...

FINN! oh yay! also, I should have you try my eyeliner. it's super great. also, now I really want a coke. but I can't because it's midnight and also because I don't have any.

I will buy one tomorrow to ensure a well-rounded vegging out day.

YAYA said...

I thought that there was a hitch at Jeska's wedding.... You know the one between her and Josh! :)

paige said...

wow. i think jes was barfing all morning in anticipation of that pun. it's all making sense now.

todd said...

yeah, jeska had a bad case of tbe puns.