video vednesday: a current favorite.

last week, i mentioned i didn't want to post videos while i'm having to blog from starbucks.  todd suggested i summarize the videos in my own words instead.  i think that's brilliant, so here's a basic run-down of my current favorite commercial.

basically, i have no idea what's happening but these guys are racing and this one guy shoots mustard out of the tailpipe of his car, and it smacks the other guy in the face, and the second guy is all that's delicioussssssssss! as he drives off the edge of a cliff.

hilarious every time.

i'm laughing out loud even as i type this.  i'm not sure this solves my 'posting actual videos at starbucks makes me look like a weirdo' problem, since now i'm just a random lady laughing at her own blog at starbucks.  still a weirdo.

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todd said...

i like the bomb-defusing sloth

"are you sleeping?!?!?!?"