okay, false alarm.  we're not moving this weekend.  i don't think.  obviously stuff could change (and then change back, even) at the drop of a hat, but as of right now, we're not moving.  and as far as i know, we won't be moving until the end of june.

i don't want to get into the why's.  and i don't want to get into just how difficult i worry these next two months will be as a result, for various reasons.  and i don't want to get into how i want to bathe my troubles away in a tub full of texas roadhouse cinnamon butter.  these are the only things i'm really going to dwell on for now:

1.  god's good, and he's got this.  for whatever reason, he chose for this to happen.

2.  i'm not a victim of my circumstances, i'm a child of a sovereign god, so i can just get over my pouting and grow a pair and face whatever comes knowing that i've been given a spirit of strength.

3.  wherever we live, it's not our 'home.'  there are earthly homes that allow me more or less contentment than others, but seriously, life is one big transitional-housing experience. 

4.  when i'm not given everything i think i want when i think i want it, it's easy to forget that i've already been given everything that actually matters.  on the cross, god gave me a permanent home and a place forever in a secure family.  whatever the crap happens here doesn't change that.

5. packing is the worst and i don't have to deal with it for awhile.  so that's pretty excellent.


whenjeskasparks said...

if you need anything at all that i can provide for (you know like, wings or books), just let me know.
i'm sick today and i watched a goofy movie and i was missing you something fierce.
i love you and todd and your littles and i'm praying that this whole transition goes smoothly and then in the areas where it doesn't, it brings forth a lot of good growth and fruit from everyone.
i just wish i could be there to help.

todd said...

i am so proud of you.
i am very grateful to our God.